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The Philosophy and Sociology section is one of the youngest scholarly subdivisions of the Institute. This section was founded in 1992.

Since 1994, a scholarly - informational bulletin has been published by the section, first under the title "Philosophy and Sociology in the Republic of Adygeia" and then as "Philosophy and Sociology".

Since 1992, the section's researchers have systematically studied the language situation in the Republic of Adygeia.

The Republic of Adygeia, along with the rest of Russian society, has been going through serious changes during the last decade: it is becoming more open, many social shifts have taken place, including migration, changes in social structure, in level of education. All these problems need profound sociological research of the type the section has been doing.

Scholars in the Philosophy and Sociology Section include:

Tsvetkov O.M., Delova L.A., Dagamuk I.G., Piatakova T.L. and Pavlovskaia L.V.

The section has provided useful analytical information for state bodies.

KHANAKHU Ruslan Askhadovich

Head of the Section

Khanakhu is a Doctor of Philosophy, a professor, an academician of the Adyg International Academy of Sciences. He has worked in the Institute since 1990, and since 1993 has been the Head of the Section.

Khanakhu has founded a regional school of sociological and philosophical research. He is the author of a number of articles and monographs: "Traditional Culture of the North Caucasus" (2000), "The Culture World of Adygs: Evolution and Values" (2002).

He is a member of the Russian Philosophical Society.