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The Caucasian war: History and the Present

In May 2014 witnesses the 150th anniversary of the day when the war under the name of Caucasian war ended. There are different points of view regarding some controversial issues related to this event, including the name of the war itself. (We remind that an analogous study was carried by us 5 and 10 years ago. The results of the interrogation carried out in 2004 can be looked here.)

1. In your opinion: which name best reflects this historical event?
Russian-Circassian war
Caucasian war
difficult to answer

2. Are you interested in historical events of 19th century?
yes, I'm interested
rather yes than no
rather no than yes
I have to be interested
I have no interest

Among the statements listed below, decide on which you do agree and on which you do not:

3. Caucasian war was a necessity for Russia in order to get an exit to the Black Sea and to defend Caucasian lands.
rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer

4. Caucasian war was aggressive from the part of Russia.
rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer

5. It is a fact that as a result of the Caucasian war, people of the North Caucasus were given the chance to "come nearer" to civilization.
rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer

6. If it wasn’t Russia who conquered the North Caucasus, other states would do it.
rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer

7. Caucasian war in every respect was unfair, and had led to genocide of Circassians.
rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer

8. Which of the names listed below, that are connected to the war, are less familiar to you?
Evdokimov N.I.
Lazarev M.P.
Zass G.Kh.
Khadzhi Kerenduk Berzek
Sheretluk Tuguzhoko Kizbech
Seferbi Zanoko
Ermolov A.P.
Raevski N.N.
difficult to answer

9. In your opinion: In what scopes do people of Adygeya and the Kuban region face the negative "traces" of the Caucasian war in modern life? (1-2 answers are possible)
In international relations
In monuments and names of some settlements
In return of repatriates to their historical native land
In counter-terrorist action in Chechnya
difficult to answer

10. It is known that war, whatever it was, reminds of itself for a long time. In your opinion, what actions should be done to eliminate the still existing negative consequences of the Caucasian war? (Mark 1-2 items)
To publish books; text-books revealing the historical truth about the Caucasian war events.
To recognize the genocide of Circassians in UN organization and in state organs of power in Russia.
To restore historical and geographical names of settlements and regions of Kuban and Adygeya regions.
To commemorate the day of 21-st of May (the day of the end of the war) every year as the Memorial Day of the war victims.
To overcome the negative consequences of war together with the people of Adygeya and the Kuban region.
To exaggerate less this topic.
To forget about this war; because only very few nations exist who didn't fight against each other.
difficult to answer

11. In your opinion: does The Federal Centre by it's policies in the North Caucasus take into account the lessons of the Caucasian war? To what extent?
yes, it does
it rather does than doesn't
it rather doesn't than does
it doesn't take it into account at all
difficult to answer

Please give some information about yourself:

12. Your gender:

13. Your age:
under 19
60 or more

14. Your education:
Incomplete secondary education (8 classes and less)
Secondary education (finished school, trade-school)
Secondary technical education (technical school)
High Education (finished or un-finished)

15. What is your nationality?
The representative of other Caucasian nationality
The representative of other slavic nationality
The representative of other people

16. Where are you from?
Great Britain


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