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Throughout the period of its existence, the literature section has done significant work in collecting, systematizing and publishing the oral poetry of the Adyg people, as well as in studying and publishing folklore.

1. The scholars of the section have collected and systematized more than 15.000 titles of folk literature.

2. They have created a library within the archive of the Institute.

3. They have also compiled and published more than 40 collections of fairy-tales, stories, songs, legends, proverbs and sayings.

The most significant of these are the seven-volume Nart Saga "Adyge Nartkher" (1968-1971) and a three-volume collection of Adygei fairy-tales (1987-1990).

The scholars of the section have published the first two volumes of "The History of Adygei Literature". A third volume is forthcoming.

SKHALIAKHO Abubachir Adyshesovich

Head of the Section

The scholarly and creative biography of Skhaliakho is closely connected with the Republic of Adygeia Institute for Research in the Humanities, as well as with Adygeia State University. Skhaliakho is a prominent scholar, a philologist with a wide range of interests, a folklorist, a literary critic, a culturologist, an historian and a tireless collector of the cultural wealth of the people.

He is a Doctor of Philology, a professor, a member of the Adyg International Academy of Sciences, a distinguished scholar of Adygeia and a member of the Writers' Union of the Russian Federation.

He has written 30 books and numerous articles.