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The decision to create the institute was made in 1927 with the involvement of the Society for the Study of the Adyg Autonomous Oblast (S. Siukhov, I. Tsei, I. Navruzov, D. Ashkhamaf). In October 1929, the oblast executive committee approved the statues of the institute along with its staff: I. Kh. Baron (Director), D. A Ashkhamaf (Scholarly Secretary). The institution was first established as the Institute of Regional Studies. In September 1934, it was given a new status and a new name: Scholarly Institute for the Building of Culture.

In 1979, the institute was awarded the order "Mark of Honor" for its work in researching the Adygei language and literature, as well as the history of the Adygei Autonomous Oblast. In 1992, the institution was renamed the Republic of Adygeia Institute for Research in the Humanities.

At present, the Republic of Adygeia Institute for Research in the Humanities is the only institution devoted exclusively to the study of the Adyg people. The institute's scholars publish and analyze works on language, literature, folklore, history, ethnology, philosophy and sociology.