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The History Section is one of the oldest scholarly subdivisions of the Institute. The foundation and development of historical scholarship in Adygeia is closely tied to this section.

The section's current scholars include:

Panesh A.D. - Candidate of History, Head of the Section;

Bedzhanov M.B. - Doctor of History; research interests: contemporary national relations;

Denisova N.N. - Candidate of History; research interests: democratization of schools, late 19th - early 20th century Adyg history;

Khlynina T.P. - Candidate of History; research interests: establishment of statehood of the Adyg Autonomous Oblast in the 1920s, historiography;

Chich B.P.- Researcher; research interests: history of Adygs in the Middle Ages;

Khasanova L.K. - Researcher, research interests: political history of Adygs in the 1850s-1860s.

PANESH Asker Dzepshevich

Head of the Section

Panesh has a Candidate's degree in History. he has worked in the section since 1991 and has served as its head since 1998. His research interests include Crimean-Adyg relations in the period between the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries.