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The Institute's Folklore Section was created in 1997, after having been separated from the Literature and Folklore Section.

Scholars in the Folklore Section include:
Khut Sh. Kh. - Doctor of Philology, an academician of the Adyg International Academy of Sciences;
Zukhba S.L. - Doctor of Philology;
Tlekhas B.G. - Candidate of Philology;
Nekhai S.M. - Researcher;
Chuiakova N.M. - Head of the Section, Candidate of Philology.

The section's scholars are compiling the multi-volume "Collection of Adyg Folklore (12 volumes) ".

The section is also preparing a work entitled "The Greatest Singers and Storytellers of Adygei".

CHUIAKOVA Nafiset Muratovna

Head of the Section

Chuiakova has worked in the Institute since 1987. She defended her thesis in 1993. Her publications include numerous articles and the monograph "Small Genres of Adyg Folklore".