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This section was founded in 1992. Its first head was M.A. Meretukov, who did significant work in establishing and developing Adyg studies in Russia.

Since 1977, nine issues of the well-known series "The Culture and Life of Adygs" have been published (a 10th issue is currently in production). This series includes a wealth of information about the history, culture, folk art, economic life, industries and way of life of Adygs.

The current researchers in the section include:

Dzhandar M.A. - Candidate of History; Head of the Section; research interests: Adyg's ritual songs;

Khotko S.Kh. - Candidate of History; research interests: history and cultureof Circassian Mamlukes;

Tkhagapsova G.G. - Candidate of History; research interests: folk medicine;

Kuek M.G. - Researcher; research interests: Adyg jewel and metal working.

The researches of the section are currently collaborating on the book, "History of the Northwest Caucasus from Ancient Times to the Present".

DZHANDAR Mariet Anzaurovna

Head of the Section

Dzhandar has a Candidate's degree in history. She has worked in the Institute since 1981, serving as the scholarly secretary from 1990 to 1997 and as the Head of the Ethnology and Folk Art Section since April 1997.

Her research interests are past and present Adyg folk rites, traditions and customs and their role in the rebirth of the ethnos. Her most recent publication is "Psatlem pse khetlme" (Living Word, Maykop, 2001), published in Adygei based on research in Adygeia and among Adygs in Turkey.