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This section was founded in 2001 to conduct theoretical and practical research aimed at developing economic relations in the Republic of Adygeia.

In 2001 the researchers of this section, jointly with the Ministry of Economics, took part in the federal program "The Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Adygeia to the Year 2006".

The researchers of the section take part in scholarly conferences held in the institutions of higher education of the republic and in other regions. The section also organizes seminars.

In 2002, the Economics Section proposed to the government of the Republic of Adygeia an economic policy designed to stimulate the development of the most promising branches of the republic's economy.


Head of the Section

Tleptserukov has a Candidate's degree in economics and has been the head of the section since its creation in 2001. His current work is focused in the development of principles for an effective regional economic policy.

His interests also include the multifactor analysis of national economic systems, including the influence of political, geographic, ethnic and other factors on the development of these systems.