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The Archaeology Section was created recently, after having been separated from the History Section. P.A. Ditler was the first archaeologist in the institute. The earliest archaeological expeditions in the region were organized beginning in 1957 by the famous Krasnodar archaeologist N.V.Anfimov. The first Head of the Archaology Section was P.U. Autlev, who studied the Stone Age in Adyqeia and the North Caucasus as a whole. The researchers of the section have published 12 collected works on archaeology and 4 monographs.

LOVPACHE Nurbii Gazizovich

Head of the Section

He completed the Repin Institute of Art in Leningrad. In 1964 he moved to Maykop. He has worked in the institute since 1979. He has his Candidate's degree in history.

Since 1992 he has been the head of the Archaeology Section. Lovpache has published more than 60 works, including the well-known "Ethnic History of Western Circassia." He has studied more than 80 archaeological objects.